City Government Resources

City Government Resources

The City of Alexandria offers many services to those with disabilities.

One of the major services is screening to determine if children qualify for a Medicaid Waiver.  Medicaid Waivers permit families to qualify for important government resources for their disabled children (for example respite care, placement in day services or residential services, job training and behavior support may be available.).  Obtaining a Medicaid waiver can be critical to access support for the disabled across the life span.

For information on Medicaid Waivers contact the Alexandria Community Services Board (CSB) at 703-746-3400 and ask for the Children and Youth ID Case Management Unit in regard to waivers for children with disabilities.  Additional information about services available through the City of Alexandria is available on their website.

Crisis Intervention Support in the City of Alexandria:  If someone in your family is experiencing an emergency mental health crisis 703-746-3401.  If you are in a crisis and need to talk to someone, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness crisis support help-line at 1-888-486-8264.  In the case of a life threatening emergency, call 911.


The City of Alexandria operates a therapeutic recreation program for children and adults with disabilities.  More information is available by calling 703-746-5422 or visiting their website at

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