Alexandria City Public Schools Resources

Alexandria City Public Schools Resources

The Anne R. Lipnick Special Education Parent Resource Center (PRC) is an important resource for parents.  The PRC has an updated library, offers consultative services to parents, and workshops. Please check for programming information posted on the ACPS website at The Parent Resource Center Currently is currently located at T.C. Williams, Minnie Howard Campus, Room 134, 3801 West Braddock Road.  T.C. Williams High School Minnie Howard Campus, For additional information contact Janet Reese at or call 703-824-0129.

The ACPS Special Education Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (SEAC) is a group of volunteers who are appointed by the Alexandria City School Board to serve in an advisory capacity to the School Board.  Membership of SEAC is composed of persons with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities.  Local Advisory Committees are mandated by state law for every school district in Virginia. More information, including the list of members, is available on the ACPS website.

The Alexandria City School Board

The Alexandria City School Board is composed of 9 members, with 3 members representing each voting district.  Information about the School Board schedule, agendas, and meeting minutes is available online. School Board policies affecting students, including special education related procedures are posted online.


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