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About NOVA Education Resources

This website was created by Juliet Hiznay, a lawyer and special education advocate in Northern Virginia. Juliet saw a need for a more logical approach to providing information to families of children who have special needs. Our system creates “silos” of information, sometimes with very little crossover between specialists. Thus, experts in the special education process may know very little about teaching children who are exceptional learners; teachers who know a lot about teaching exceptional learners may know very little about what causes atypical behavior for children with certain disabilities; doctors may know a lot about clinical criteria and medication but very little about other therapies; school administrators may know a lot about school programs but very little about county services.

Yet, for the system to work well, families must become mini-experts in all of these areas. This is a daunting task, and families can easily become overwhelmed by the enormity of the learning curve and inundated by unfiltered information. It is helpful to have a filter. That was the idea in creating this site, which is designed to be user-friendly, content-heavy, practical, relevant, and community-based.  You can contact Juliet Hiznay by calling her at 202-352-8982 or send an email through the form below.

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